This Week in Grails (2012-52)

Tomas Lin published a great blog post with a large collection of Grails testing resources.
Be sure to register your support for Marc Palmer’s proposed book on the resources plugins.

The Greach conference is getting closer, only a few weeks away. Do you have your ticket yet?

I released a new plugin this week, the lazylob plugin. It adds support for lazy loading of BLOB and CLOB domain class properties so you don’t have to artificially split your domain class into a one-to-one just to avoid the cost of loading large object data when you load domain class instances.

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Miscellaneous Items

Beginning Groovy, Grails and Griffon

Grails: generic methods for equals and hashCode calculation

This year (and week) in Spring


There was 1 new plugin released:

lazylob version 0.1. Adds support for lazy-loaded Blobs and Clobs

and 3 updated plugins:

quartz version 1.0-RC4. Schedules jobs to be executed with a specified interval or cron expression using the Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler

spring-security-taobao version 1.1. Integrates the Taobao Open API Authentication with the Spring Security Core plugin

zk version 2.1.0. Adds ZK Ajax framework ( support to Grails applications


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