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Is Spock a logical choice for your Unit Testing?


  1. Easy to learn 

    If you know Java and JUnit, you are almost ready to go.

  2. Powered by Groovy 

    Java’s dynamic companion lets you do more in less time. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

  3. Eliminates waste 

    No assertion API. No record/replay mocking API. No superfluous annotations. Everything is questioned, and only the essential is kept.

  4. Detailed information 

    Spock’s runtime collects a wealth of information, and presents it to you when needed.Condition not satisfied:

        max(a, b) == c
        |   |  |  |  |
        3   1  3  |  2
  5. Designed for use 

    We always start from a user’s perspective, without worrying about implementation details. Everything else follows from that.

  6. Open-minded 

    Test-first? Test-last? Unit-level? Integration-level? Test-driven? Behavior-driven? We believe there are many ways to create good software, and try to give you the flexibility to do it your way.

  7. Beautiful language 

    Express your thoughts in a beautiful and highly expressive specification language.

        def "subscribers receive published events at least once"() {
          when: publisher.send(event)
          then: (1.._) * subscriber.receive(event)
          where: event << ["started", "paused", "stopped"]
  8. Extensible for everyone 

    @Transaction? @SpringBean? @DeployApp? With Spock’s interception-based extension mechanism, you can easily create your own extensions.

  9. Compatible with JUnit 

    Run specifications with your IDE, build tool, and continuous integration server. Leverage JUnit’s reporting capabilities.

  10. Learns from the history 

    Spock combines the best features of proven tools like JUnit, jMock, and RSpec, and innovates on top of them.

  11. Learn more about Spock, or get started right away.